About Collected Edition


Orchid crown

About Collected Edition


We design eclectic, modern pieces at the intersection of modern manufacturing and handcraft. By approaching techniques such as 3D modeling and printing, digital design, and laser cutting with an eye trained in couture methods and bespoke design, we're proving that there's such a thing as made by hand AND machine.

A love for the fleeting beauty of flowers, windswept ribbons, and vintage iconography has inspired our newest collection, Greenhouse by Collected Edition. Fabricated in all-white nylon for casual everyday wear or in luxe polished metals, our range of headpieces, rings, bracelets, and men's accessories celebrate moments like the last exhale of a summer bloom or the delicate, imperfect twist of a thorn branch. 

Collection Edition is based in Brooklyn. Our work has been sold and featured by numerous local and national retailers, including Daily Grommet, Scoutmob Shoppe, UncommonGoods, and Touch of Modern.

About Our Process

Our jewelry, accessories, and headpieces are made with 3D printing.

We start by digitally designing our pieces in a 3D modeling program. What sets Collected Edition's work apart from many other artists and designers working the medium is our approach- rather than using generative technology or modifying scans, we build our petals, stamens, branches, and bows by hand.

After the digital design is complete, we print our designs in nylon. The process used to print our nylon pieces is called selective laser sintering. In this process, a large bed of nylon powder is sintered layer by layer, fusing the powder and building the piece.

For some of our pieces, like our orchid crown (above) or our beautiful magnolia bloom comb, the nylon is the end material. We love it for its flexibility, its light weight, and its detail.

For other pieces, like our tie bars and much of our jewelry, we go a step farther and cast the pieces in premium metals. In this process, a wax model, rather than a nylon model, is printed first. This wax model is then used in a traditional lost wax casting method. After casting, the piece is cleaned and polished.