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Arrow Tie Clip- Stainless Steel


This streamlined arrow will draw plenty of attention on its own- but once you mention that it's 3D printed, every one will want to take an even closer look. It makes a perfect groom or groomsmen accessory, but it's also subtle and refined enough to wear on an everyday basis. The printed steel has a vintage-like finish- not too shiny, but with just enough sheen to be eye-catching.

Measuring approximately 1.75" long, the arrow tie bar is the perfect proportion. It looks great on both skinny ties and more classic widths. The steel is very slightly adjustable- we recommend not bending the piece too frequently to retain the integrity of the metal. 

3D printed steel has a lightly pebbled texture (see final photo for finish colors). As shown in polished gray steel, it's subtle and modern. It is also available in 24kt gold plated steel and nickel plated steel. All are lightly polished for a gentle sheen, but are not mirror-shiny.


Each piece is printed to order, so we appreciate your patience during the manufacturing process! 3D printed stainless steel is created by infusing a fine steel powder with drops of glue, which renders a delicate, sand-castle-like structure. After this initial phase, the piece undergoes a process which infuses bronze to replace the glue and results in a strong, beautiful steel structure.


This piece will ship in 3-5 weeks.

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Headpiece Photoshoot 3 -55.jpg