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Branch Tie Bar- Polished Cast Metals

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Inspired by a delicate bare branch, this tie bar is elegant and refined with a touch of the whimsical. The highly polished brass (as shown in detail shots), bronze, or sterling silver is luxurious and eye-catching. It's a gorgeous groom or groomsmen gift, especially for a woodlands or rustic wedding.

Measuring approximately 2" long, the branch tie bar is the perfect proportion. It looks great on both skinny ties and more classic widths. The metal is very slightly adjustable- we recommend not bending the piece too frequently in order to retain the integrity of the metal.

This stunning piece is available in solid sterling silver (as shown), brass, and bronze. Our bronze, consisting of 90% copper and 10% tin, is a gorgeous choice for fans of rose-gold: you can see a side by side comparison with brass in the photo above. We don't coat our pieces, so over time, a patina will develop. The original color and shine can be easily restored with a quick swipe of a polishing cloth.

Our 3D printed metal accessories are prototyped on our in-house printers and produced at Shapeways' state-of-the-art facilities. Our bronze, brass, and silver pieces are first printed in wax and then are created through traditional lost-wax casting. After casting, they are carefully polished and finished by hand. 


This piece ships in 3-4 weeks.

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Headpiece Photoshoot 3 -65.jpg