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Leaf Boutonniere


Whether you're a groom or suit-wearing bride, an honored guest, or just a dapper person, everyone is going to freak out when they see what you're sporting on your lapel. This stainless steel boutonniere is sleek, chic, and completely modern- and you'll have it forever. 

Because the steel is magnetic, there's no need to mar your label with pins- and readjusting is a breeze. We've included a strong magnet to make it even easier.

3D printed steel has a lightly pebbled texture (see final photo for finish colors). The gold version is plated in 24 karat gold while the silver version is plated in nickel. Both are lightly polished for a gentle sheen.



Each piece is printed to order, so we appreciate your patience during the manufacturing process! 3D printed stainless steel is created by infusing a fine steel powder with drops of glue, which renders a delicate, sand-castle-like structure. After this initial phase, the piece undergoes a process which infuses bronze to replace the glue and results in a strong, beautiful steel structure.


This piece ships in 3-5 weeks.

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Headpiece Photoshoot 3 -27.jpg
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