Thorn Bar Necklace

from 70.00

Feminine and delicate with an edge- modeled after a section of rose stem, this elegant bar necklace features refined thorns. These thorns are functional, so be careful!

The pendant will ship on a delicate 20" chain (gold-fill for brass and bronze options, sterling silver for silver option). The thorn bar measures about 2.3" long.

This piece is tumbled-polished for a rustic finish and is available in three materials. Our bronze, as pictured, consisting of 90% copper and 10% tin, is a gorgeous choice for fans of rose-gold. We don't coat our pieces, so over time, a patina will develop. The original color and shine can be easily restored with a quick swipe of a polishing cloth.

We make all our pieces- except our Ready to Ship listings- to order. Our 3D printed metal accessories are prototyped on our in-house printers and produced at Shapeways' state-of-the-art facilities. Our bronze, brass, and silver pieces are first printed in wax and then are created through traditional lost-wax casting. After casting, they are carefully polished and finished by hand.

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