Branch Ring

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Our branch ring gives the look of a double ring without restraining your movement. A delicate branch 2" lays across the finger, almost weightlessly. It's elegant and refined, and incredibly modern.

This ring is available in a range of material options, from edgy stainless steel to 14kt gold. Read on for additional information:

3D printed steel has a lightly pebbled texture. As shown on the model in polished 24kt gold plated steel, it's subtle and modern. It's also available in nickel-plated steel. All are lightly polished for a gentle sheen, but are not mirror-shiny. 3D printed stainless steel is created by infusing a fine steel powder with drops of glue, which renders a delicate, sand-castle-like structure. After this initial phase, the piece undergoes a process which infuses bronze to replace the glue and results in a strong, beautiful steel structure.

This stunning piece is also available in polished sterling silver, brass, bronze, and 14kt gold in white, yellow, or rose. Our bronze, consisting of 90% copper and 10% tin, is a gorgeous economical choice for fans of rose-gold. We don't coat our pieces, so over time, a patina will develop on the silver, brass, and bronze options. The original color and shine can be easily restored with a quick swipe of a polishing cloth.

Our 3D printed metal accessories are prototyped on our in-house printers and produced at Shapeways' state-of-the-art facilities. Our polished metal options are printed first in wax and then are created through traditional lost-wax casting. After casting, they are carefully polished and finished by hand.


This piece ships in 3-4 weeks.

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